I just had my dog here for the first-time last week, and was so impressed that I put her there the whole weekend while I was away. I have a "reactive on-leash" dog and I was very nervous to have her out for doggy daycare, I originally had planned on kenneling her there for the day while she had to be out of my apartment. When I left, they did an evaluation on her and she passed so she got to stay out and play with the other dogs. I was so happy that they didn't discriminate at all when I had explained the way she acts around other dogs while on leash, they know what they are doing when evaluating their behavior and I trusted them to do so! I am so relieved that she is able to play with the other dogs, and I have already noticed a difference with her behavior on leash now after socializing for a few days. I will 100% be coming back here on a weekly basis for my dog to play with the others, and I trust this team with caring for her while I am away. Thumbs up! 🙂