Cage-Free Dog Daycare

A Dog’s Day Out offers cage-free dog daycare at each of our facilities. As one of our core services, cage-free dog daycare is a great experience for your playful dog and we provide the following:

  • Spacious cage-free small, medium, or large daycare areas. Their size will determine which area they will be placed into to ensure that your dog plays with appropriately-sized playmates.
  • Attentive staff in each of our daycare areas, making sure your dog is supervised at all times.
  • Daycare passes that save you money, never expire, and can be used any time of the year. Each family dog must have their own pass. In addition, all daycare dogs must arrive by 12:00 pm daily.
  • Plenty of water for your dog to lap up throughout the day.
  • Climate controlled daycare spaces with natural lighting.
  • Dog playground equipment and rubberized flooring for your dog’s enjoyment to play and rest on.

Your dog will thank you for taking them to A Dog’s Day Out!